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Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated Hosting Server

A dedicated web server can be managed either by the hosting provider, or by the client, on the basis of the particular dedicated hosting server package.

Dedicated Server

With the dedicated web hosting solution, you rent an entire physical server whose system resources will be utilized only by your web sites.

Dedicated Hosting Service

Dedicated web hosting servers give you the autonomy to carry out everything you like without messing with anyone else.

Dedicated Hosting

If you are looking for a reliable, cutting-edge web hosting solution that can cope with even 1 000 000's of daily visits, a dedicated web server is your perfect option.

Top Dedicated Hosting

According to us, choosing the Hepsia web hosting CP is the most intelligent choice.

Best Dedicated Hosting

The content on the dedicated hosting server can be administered either via a Secure Shell (SSH) client or via a Control Panel.